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Please contact us to arrange purchase and pickup of your birds. We may offer delivery to select areas, but we generally do not ship poultry unless we're also delivering sheep to the same site. We are not a NPIP certified producer, so we cannot ship eggs, chicks, or adult birds without a CVI. CVI's for poultry are generally not cost effective, but at the scale we operate on, becoming NPIP certified is equally inefficient. For this reason, our sales are limited to Oregon only, with a possibility for case by case exceptions.

Tub of Chicks

Mottled Java and Javarans Chicks For Sale

We sell our chicks straight run, which means that they have not been sexed. There's a fifty fifty chance for EACH chick that it will be male or female, so you may end up with young cockerels. We do not exchange chicks from straight run sales, but we can assure you, the roosters taste mighty fine.

Javarans are a new breed that we are developing. We used to breed Black Copper Marans, but they weren't hardy enough for our climate and homesteader's environment, so we began breeding BCM hens to Mottled Java roosters in an effort to increase their cold hardiness, winter egg production, and size. Over the past 5 years, we now have a cross that has the body size of a Java with a slightly faster growth rate, better winter laying abilities, and a milk chocolate size AA or better egg. The hens are similar in build to a Java, with a less sloped back and slate blue legs. Their eye is a golden amber, their beak is horn to yellow, and their comb is reduced but still more prominent than a Java comb. They're slightly chattier birds than the Javas are, but still far quieter than Marans, which makes them good for urban backyard birds. They will lay year round with supplemental lighting, and do not require heat lamps in the winter to continue laying. These birds will never be recognized by the APA, but they're hardy layers and tasty roasting birds.

Chicks from 1-3 weeks of age: $3 each or $30/dozen

Chicks from 3-7 weeks of age: $7 each or $70/dozen

Mottled Javas are a rare heritage breed of chicken. You can visit our poultry page to learn more about them. Mottled Javas are quiet birds, which isn't to say that the roosters are dead silent, just that these chickens aren't nearly as noisy as most other breeds. This makes them very well suited to late risers and urban backyard flocks. Mottled Javas are slow to grow, reaching maturity no earlier than 8 months, but they are some of the largest chickens in the American class of birds. Roosters tend to weigh 7-9 lbs, while hens weigh 5-7 lbs on average. Mottled Javas will lay year round with minor supplemental lighting, and do not require heat in the winter. Their body is black with white v-shaped tips to select feathers, and they have the glossiest, most iridescent green feathers of any chicken breed in the Americas. Their beaks are horn shading to gold at the tips, and their legs are yellow with slate markings. We breed our Mottled Javas to conform to the APA Standard of Perfection, and we can provide stock for show and 4H.

Please contact us for availability, there may be a waiting list.

Chicks from 1-3 weeks of age: $6 each or $60/dozen

Chicks from 3-7 weeks of age: $14 each or $140/dozen

We're sorry, but we do not ship chicks!

Mottled Java hens

Available Juvenile and Adult Poultry

We are sorry, but we do not ship poultry.

hens out of stock Mottled Java Chickens

Mottled Java Pullets are young hens not yet laying eggs. Cockerels are young intact roosters. Ranging in ages from 2 months to 6 months, these chickens are ready to go into your coop or yard. Still small enough to be tasty treats for predators and fully mature birds, they do require some supervision and a secure area to sleep in, but they are fully feathered and do not require heat lamps.

Pullets $25 each; Cockerels $15 each

Ducks Out of StockMuscovy Ducks

Our Muscovy Ducks are fully feathered at time of sale. Hens are female Muscovy Ducks, and drakes are male Muscovy Ducks. We typically have wild type colors, mainly black with white, although we do occasionally have browns and blues for sale. Our Muscovies are not bred for competition, so they may not be suitable for 4H, but they are selected for hardiness and gentle disposition. We never sell human aggressive birds, but drakes do show aggression to each other, and should not be kept together in enclosed areas.

Hens $30 each; Drakes $25 each